What Is Hot Yoga?

By Laura on May 9, 2020 0 Comments

Hot Yoga

I’ve heard the question asked many times before, and for quite some time I have been unable to really provide a definitive answer to that question. But I will tell you what I think about it, and I’ll also tell you what I would not advise anyone to practice, because it involves extremely high levels of physical exertion, and if you are not in good shape you could very well end up seriously injured. So let’s get started!

“What is Hot Yoga?” (also known as “Yoga the Heat” by many yoga enthusiasts) is a style of yoga practiced in rooms that are heated above 100 degrees, with little to no humidity. Some hot yoga practices even seek to recreate the sweat-soaked conditions of India, where yoga originally originated.

It is highly recommended that you drink plenty of water prior to your first class. This will help you avoid dehydration, which can lead to soreness. You should also make sure that you have enough food and water available to sustain you for the duration of your yoga class. I recommend having a protein drink like a whey shake or protein drink with honey, and also drinking a glass of juice, so that you can drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Also, be sure to eat snacks throughout the day between classes, because you never know when you might need something to put sugar back into your body!

There are many benefits of what is called “hot yoga”, including the ability to increase flexibility and range of motion, as well as strengthening your muscles, tendons and ligaments. Many yoga positions can be done without any equipment at all, which makes them a great way to get in shape without putting much thought into it. There is also the possibility to improve your overall health and fitness level. Many Yoga studios offer heated rooms, or you can purchase various hot yoga mat options that you can place on the ground to increase the intensity of the workout. One of the main reasons that I recommend learning this form of exercise, is the great way to burn fat and build muscle!

The major benefit of what is known as Yogananda Yoga is the breathing technique known as “bishi”. This is actually a part of what is known as “Pranayama” that is used to relax the body, mind and spirit. Many Yoga positions known as “asanas” require a lot of breath control and fish, which is similar to controlled breathing. Many people who are new to Yoga or aren’t familiar with fish may find it difficult to do the “bishi” breathing techniques at first. However, once you get the hang of it, you will quickly see how beneficial this can be to your health and fitness level.

What is Hot Yoga isn’t just for people who want to get in shape and feel good about their appearance. Many people enjoy learning and practicing this form of Yoga because of the stress relief it provides. By learning how to control your breathing while you are in high temperatures, you can experience much higher energy levels throughout the day and get rid of those nagging feelings of fatigue, which can arise from being in high temperatures all day. If you enjoy doing Yoga in a heated room, then make sure to check out what is Hot Yoga all about.